Updated the information and added links for the upcoming 2015 Shamrock Regatta. A calendar was added to reflect meeting dates and events. Eventually, there will be a members calendar version as well. Additionally, some photos added from previous meetings. I will continue to post more photos, so keep in touch…..

Smooth Sailing!

Week three….

In class to learn more about what can be added to the website. Adding applications, forms, and images to make the site more user friendly and appealing. Please contact us for more information or give our feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

Smooth Sailing, *J

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the NEW GAYC website! This main site will be changing in the next few weeks as I build on what is currently done in the Google Site Page. Please feel free to come back and visit us to see the changes. Please bear with me as the main site gets created and updated. I hope to have the final site up by the November meeting. Thank you for your patience as I work on the site. If you have any suggestions please email me.